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For more of an intimate and smaller locations. We offer a rolling oven tent setup. Were we can roll our woodfired oven/ kitchen and can set us your backyard. Cooking fresh woodfired pizza right Infront of your eyes. 

we also offer an outdoor Wood oven tent setup  


JB WoodFired is a completely mobile and enclosed wood fired pizza trailer. We built and customized our trailer to operate efficiently. With our Italian imported oven Built out of volcanic stone, it brings the pizza back traditional way of cooking but with our Brookyln Style twist. We are capable of working in all types of weather, rain, sleet and snow etc.  

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 Rolling oven Set up

Who we are.

 Every Special occasion is a Pizza party

Our pies are freshly MADE AND IS ALWAYS MADE TO ORDER .

Our state of the art Custom trailer is the main attraction with everything fully enclosed. 

​​​​JB WOODFIRED  Est. 2013

New Jersey Area


About us. 

We are a family owned and operated fully mobile and enclosed wood fired pizza trailer. We specialize in traditional authentic wood fired pizza. We have been in business for 10 years. We work and operate in the New Jersey area. Our cooking experience comes from years of being around an Italian household in Brooklyn Ny where we know if you're going to cook something you gotta cook it with fresh ingredients, everything handmade and have the passion & love for what you do.